Every programmer, I guess, would meet the code from others that you have never contributed to. And one of the ways to distinguish experienced programmers from beginners is to see if they can quickly dive into the legacy code and maintain, develop, and refactor it in the right way.

There is no silver bullet to approach it, I’ve also been caught in the nightmare of not being able to read the code at all. But I have some tips from my experience to guide you to master it step by step. Hope it would be helpful.

1. Ask for documentation or explanation

It’s very lucky if…

Recently, I was refactoring my blog using Next.js by a whim. There are 3 tech stacks I would use:

  • Next.js , a popular React framework with SSG, SSR support naturally
  • Tailwindcss , a low-level CSS framework with the utility-first concept.
  • AMP , an HTML framework developed by Google to make your website fast and loading smoothly.

However, there are so many restrictions in AMP for performance issues. At the beginning of the project, I found this issue, which means you can NOT add a global CSS as Next.js documented. So this article may be a guide for how to use…

Throughout the last three months, I was quite fortunate to work for Freifunk on netjsongraph.js under the guidance of my mentor Federico Capoano. Thanks for this invaluable experience that I learned a lot of knowledge and use them in a practical project. Here is a summary of the work I have done during the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2017.

Google Summer of Code project page


netjsongraph.js is a visualization library for NetJSON, a network topology data format. The main goal of netjsongraph.js may be concluded in below three lines (more details you can see in GSoC 2017-netjsongraph.js: visualization of NetJSON data):

  • Apply the modern front-end…


http://geekplux.com/ Data Visualization & Full-stack programmer @ finance firm, Blogger, Cat lover, Lifelong learner.

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